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I can brew the first part of the swelling solution fine. I had the bat spleens and I stir counter-clockwise, but when you need to bring up the heat the second time, as soon as I turn on the fire it says I wasn't brewing it correctly. Am I missing some instructions or a trick or something? I have attempted this 5 times and I kept encountering the same problem.


Are you sure they’re between the two ranges? Sometimes if you gets even a little over or under it’ll say its wrong.

Try starting it with the high flame, then once it hits the range switch between low flame and no flame.

1 year ago on December 31st | J | 1 note

Last night I was successful in brewing the first portion of the Polyjuice Potion! Yayyy! Unfortunately in brewing the second part Pottermore experienced a major lag and my temperature got out of range. In my personal defense, I shouldn’t have to start over as I did refresh the page but ohhh well.

If you have any questions on the first part of the Polyjuice Potion. I’m going to regather all my ingredients and give the second part a shot tonight.

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the moment i click on brewing the cure for boils it starts of with the brewing instructions and after i close that my table is empty save for the pestle and the sand clock although i bought the cauldron and the ingredients! What do i do?


Its most definitely a bug in the server. I haven’t experienced too many of those. Maybe log out, try another browser, make sure its updated and so on.

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I’m coming back out of hibernation to answer an commonly asked question:

If you are having trouble with the swelling solution, chances are Pottermore is having site issues. I’m seeing a lot of time bugs and such. As for how to use it, you should just be able to go back to Snape’s office and the back room should be open. If you zoom in you’ll find the ingredients from his storage you need.

I am NOT taking questions on the Polyjuice potion right now, as I’ve yet to brew it. This weekend I’m going to take a crack at part one and I’ll answer anything involving that. I’m mostly just waiting around for an official announcement on Book 3 to be open.

On another note, if you have a question related to potions, please use the ask box. I’m getting a lot of questions in the form of submissions and I can’t answer them that way.


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Sorry I haven’t really done much on here. I haven’t had the chance to finish the Polyjuice Potion so until that time comes I won’t be doing too much.

Anyway, pretty sure the House Cup is being awarded next week! I believe on the 21st we’ll know who will have it. And call me crazy, but I think Hufflepuff has a fair chance this time around c:


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When I'm brewing a potion, say, for 30 seconds it says to keep it in the temperature range. So that's what I do, but then after thirty seconds, a second timer comes up for another thirty seconds. If I continue for another thirty seconds, it says it wasn't brewed correctly. If I stop, it says I haven't completed the task yet. What do I do? Is it a bug?


I think you glitched. It might be a Browser problem. Brew on!

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I doubt there would be a limit to how many potions you can have. The page expands the slots for more types of potions, and otherwise, how many of each type of potion you have is just a number on the system. The only thing limiting it is that we only have a few potions to select from and having the ingredients to make them. :3

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Polyjuice Potion probs

I, unfortunately, cannot answer any questions on the Polyjuice potion. Due to the fact that I haven’t even started it yet, I can’t really tell you my experience. But have no fear! I have the solution!


You’ll be transported to the page that will help you perfectly brew the Polyjuice potion, and even tell you where to find the ingredients if you mess up. Happy Brewing!


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I would like to apologize for my lack of activity. Because of Hurricane Sandy, we haven’t had power for a while. So now I am back to answer you’re questions!

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So i can't go on to the second part of the swelling potion even though it's already ready. when i go to the potion it says NaN% complete and then it says come back later which is like my only option. What do i do???


NaN%? That sounds like a bug D: I’ve honestly never had that happen to me while I’m brewing a potion!

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